WAVE Joint Technological Education District (JTED)

Welcome to the Western Arizona Vocational Education #50 (WAVE). We are a Joint Technical Education District with six partner high schools across two counties. In November of 2008 the voters of LaPaz and Mohave County voted to form a JTED, and we became an official district on July 1, 2009. JTED provides high quality vocational and technical education that is needed in the public school system to keep students in school and be better prepared for the workforce.

What Does JTED mean?

The school boards of Kingman Unified, Lake Havasu Unified, Colorado River Union, and Parker Unified, as well as the citizens of each local school district, voted to create a JTED District. The JTED functions as an independent school district with one governing board comprised of representatives from each participating local school district.

The students in career and technical education at the participating high schools are all members of the WAVE #50 JTED. By combining our enrollment numbers, efforts, and expenditures, a JTED can offer students more opportunities and better-funded programs. The JTED course content goes above and beyond the traditional course content and must be approved by the Arizona Department of Education.

There is a partnership with local community colleges and a utilization of shared spaces, equipment, staff and facilities. Students receive instruction from highly qualified staff members who are often workplace specialists. In pursuing specialized work certificates and training, the students are able to graduate with marketable workforce skills and better preparation for college. Many of the students are able to accumulate community college credit hours, giving them a jump start on their four-year degrees.

Working with local businesses is the vision of WAVE. We create educational links to employment in our areas with quality employment and continuing education opportunities. The structure also supports strong articulation and dual enrollment choices within our community college system. The WAVE Governing Board works closely with local employers to define the evolving vocational and technical skill needs in our areas.

Mission Statement

The Western Arizona Vocational Education District, collaborating with business and community, provides students academic, career, and technical preparation for a global, competitive marketplace.

Philosophy and Educational Commitment

  • We will develop community workforce partnerships.
  • We will meet future community employment needs with appropriate coursework.
  • We will offer a variety of educational experiences to include lab instruction, classroom construction, and world of work experience.
  • We will have seamless interaction with partner high schools.
  • We will expand and enhance current courses.
  • We will enable WAVE students to exit with employment training certificates, marketable job skills and community college credits.
  • We will prepare WAVE students for entrance into the work force or higher education.

The Western Arizona Vocational Education public meeting notices are physically posted at 700 W. Beale, Kingman Arizona in the front lobby of the Mohave County Building, main floor. This website will host the information also.